The maximum amount of guests is 24 in 12 twin cabins.
The cabins all have private facilities, air conditioning and central heating.
Yes. On the Fiep there is Wi-Fi, free to use.
No. There is no laundry service, but the crew can show you where you can find a public launderette in the city.
Yes, a hair dryer belongs to the standard inventory in your cabin.
Smoking in your cabin, in the public areas – such as the restaurant, bar and lounge – is not allowed. You can smoke on deck on a designated smoking area.
No. Pets are not allowed on board. Although Harrie has a little dog named Koos. Koos is used to being aboard does not come to the public areas nor in the cabins.
No, the Fiep is a heavy and stable ship and the water in the Amsterdam Oosterdok harbor is really calm.
No, the beds in the cabins are fixed and cannot be moved or replaced.


The Fiep is moored in the Oosterdok in the center of Amsterdam. The address is Oosterdok 2.

From all directions: you drive on Motorway Centrum Ring Amsterdam (A10), until you reach Motorway Ring North (Noord). For docking place Oosterdok: take exit S116 and drive over the Nieuwe Leeuwarderweg in direction Centrum to the Prins Hendrikkade, turn left on the Oosterdok. If necessary, ask for directions to Museum NEMO.
Please drive to the ship first and drop-off your luggage and (if needed) your bike, and then drive to the parking location (more info under “Parking in Amsterdam”).
The best international airport to use for this trip is Schiphol.
From Schiphol airport to the ship in Amsterdam you best take a train to Amsterdam Central Station. These trains run regularly and take only 20 minutes. You can buy a ticket in the central arrival hall at the airport. The costs: € 4.50 (January 2020).
Travel planner (also in English) for the Dutch railway (NS): www.ns.nl.
You can also take a taxi from the airport to the ship. We recommend to use the official Schiphol Travel Taxi (on the airport website: www.schiphol.nl), approximately € 40 per taxi to Amsterdam center.
Travel to Amsterdam Central Station. The docking location Oosterdok is situated approximately 1100 meters (1.1 km) from the Central Station, this is a 15-minute walk. Take exit Stationsplein, go left and walk towards museum NEMO, the green building in the shape of a half sunken ship.
From the Amsterdam Central station you can also take a taxi to the ship at Oosterdok.
Taxis are located at the IJ-side (North-side) of the Central Station. Amsterdam Taxis are not always reliable, unfortunately and sometimes overpriced. Therefore: try to fix a price in advance. Target: a single trip for 2 people + luggage from the Central Station to the docking place at the Oosterdok 2 (NEMO museum) should cost no more than approx. € 10 per taxi.
We recommend TCA Taxis (www.tcataxis.nl): phone +31 20 7777777.
Parking Centrum Oosterdok is the cheapest possibility in the center of Amsterdam to park your car for a longer period. This parking garage is only accessible for cars with a maximum height of 2.10 meter.

Parking Centrum Oosterdok offers a total of 1,355 parking places in a camera guarded and clean building, close to the Central Station of Amsterdam. The rate for long-term parking is €20 per 24 hours (stand: Aug. 2019). You pay thereby (depending on your time of arrival and departure) € 140 to € 160 per week.
Navigation system: Oosterdoksstraat 150, 1011 DK, Amsterdam.
Telephone number: +31 20 4203381

Public transport

For municipal and regional public transport in Amsterdam (regular service bus, train and tram), we advise you to buy a 1-hour card (inside the bus or at a vending machine). This costs € 3 per person. The card is valid for 1 hour uninterrupted and you can use it for all public transport within Amsterdam. You can’t use these cards in the subway(metro). For tourists this card is the cheapest way to travel.

Please note: You can no longer pay with cash in the busses of the GVB. In the bus you can use a debit card and several credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club Discover Card, JCB and Union Pay. At the GVB-service machines and at the Tickets & Info-office across the main entry of Amsterdam Central Station you are still able to pay in cash.

If you are planning to stay longer in Amsterdam, we advise you to buy the Iamsterdam City Card. With this card you can visit world-class museums, take a cruise through the charming canals and sample the local delicacies. All for free or with a significant discount! In addition, the City Card gives you unlimited access to the city’s public transportation system for 24, 48 or 72 hours. More information on https://www.iamsterdam.com/en/i-am/i-amsterdam-city-card

Booking Information

You can book online through our calendar. In case you want to contact us directly, please use the contactform.
You do not have to pay a deposit by booking. You can pay on board with all credit and debit cards or in cash. Prices do not include city taxes.
We do not charge any cancellation fee in case you decide to cancel your booking. We do appreciate a message in case you decide not to come and stay with us. Please send us a message per e-mail to info@hotelboatfiep.com or use the contact form.

Weather conditions

The weather in the Netherlands is very unpredictable and can change each week, day or even hour. Just check the local weather online and adjust your clothing to it. In the Netherlands it can be wise to wear layers; top, shirt, long-sleeve, sweather, windbraker, raincoat. Just be ready for everything! Check: www.accuweather.com or a similar site. On the Fiep there are umbrella’s you can use.