A safe and pleasant stay in times of Covid-19 Coronavirus

We’re open again!

After many months of waiting, hotelboat Fiep opened her doors again on Saturday, June 20 under a sunny sky! We’re so happy that we can finally welcome guests back on board.

Travelling in Europe

Fortunately, the Covid-19 situation in northwestern Europe is under control and travel between most European countries is possible again. Most countries have lifted their lockdown measures to a large extent and social and economic activities have been resumed. Only a few travel restrictions are still in place.

Covid -19 Corona protocol

Of course, we’re very aware of the need to go carefully and take every precaution along the way. That’s why our Corona Protocol ensures health and safety measures on board. We’ve done a lot of careful planning and are closely cooperating with local and government authorities to be able to operate safely.

Some of the main precautions are:

  • Giving extra attention to hygiene with disinfection stations and extra cleaning
  • Facilitating social distancing in all public areas
  • Clear house rules to ensure a safe environment for guests and staff.

Health status questionnaire

Here you can find a checklist health status prescribed by the government regarding your current health condition.
Can you please print this questionnaire (one copy for each guest) and make sure that all people in your travel group complete it no more than 12 hours before arriving on board? We are asking all crew and guests to fill in this compulsory form so that, if there is a health issue, we can handle and track it in a responsible way. A crew member will collect it from you when you check in. It will be kept safe and then destroyed 14 days after your tour ends.

Face masks

Face masks are required on ferries in the Netherlands and in public transport. Some sights require or encourage the wearing of a mask. Wearing masks is not mandatory once you are on board. You should always keep the distance of 1.5 meters from other people outside your household. However, you are free to wear a face mask at any time and in any situation where you find it necessary or pleasant.
We recommend that you bring your own face masks, as these are not available on board.

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