Adapting to the coronavirus

How we’re developing new safety measures on our hotelboat.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) caught the world by surprise, and for many of us it has turned life upside down. In Europe it looks like the worst is over. Countries are carefully easing lockdown measures and opening up their economies. We’ve even started talking about traveling again.

At Hotelboat we’re realistic and hopeful. It is clear that we can’t return to normal life yet, but it looks like we will be allowed to resume operating quite soon under strict hygiene and physical distancing measures. We also expect news soon about other European countries reopening their borders and enabling short-distance tourism. Long-distance, overseas travel however will take a bit longer to resume.

We have been working hard on a corona protocol over the last weeks. By following this protocol we are able to create a safe environment for our guests and staff and to facilitate physical distancing on board.

Current situation in the Netherlands (Last update: may 14, 2020)

  • In the Netherlands the number of infections has gone down dramatically.
  • Dutch primary schools have reopened.
  • Restaurants and bars will reopen by June 1 with a limited number of guests allowed and under strict hygiene and social distancing measures.
  • The same measures also apply to museums and attractions.

Hotelboat Fiep corona protocol

We are introducing measures on our hotelboat to ensure a safe stay for everyone. Some of the main precautions are:

  • Giving extra attention to hygiene with disinfection stations and extra cleaning
  • Facilitating social distancing in all public areas
  • Breakfast in two sittings, to allow for more space per person
  • Clear house rules to ensure a safe environment for guests and staff.

We know that the Covid-19 coronavirus and health and safety are very much on the minds of our travelers. Our priority is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our guests and staff. We’ll continue to keep you informed and to offer as much help and advice as we can.

This page will be updated with more information as it becomes available. Please check in again when you need an update.

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